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Hyundai Xteer Premium

XTeer TOP PRIME and XTeer TOP are premium performance engine oil formulated with state-of-the-art additives and fully synthetic base fluids.

Hyundai Xteer Gasoline

There are four different product series in XTeer Gasoline product family. XTeer Gasoline Ultra Protection is optimized to provide complete engine oil performance especially for city, road or motor way driving, even in the toughest conditions in all seasons.

Hyundai Xteer Diesel

There are three different product groups in XTeer Diesel product family. XTeer Diesel Ultra is the most advanced 100% synthetic diesel engine oil designed for protecting advanced engine parts as well as the environment.

Hyundai Xteer Heavy Vehicle

There are four different product series in XTeer Heavy Duty product family. XTeer HD Ultra is the most advanced synthetic heavy-duty diesel engine oil designed for the latest premium diesel engines with considerations for the environment.

Hyundai Xteer CNG

XTeer CNG is a CNG engine-dedicated oil product made of high-quality base oil and additives. Excellent in anti-wear of valve trains and anti-oxidation of bearings, XTeer CNG protects CNG engine-driven cars operated in the worst conditions.

Hyundai Xteer Gear Oil

There are three different product groups in product family of XTeer Gear Oil. XTeer Gear Oil-5 LSD is a manual transmission gear oil made with high-quality base oil and excellent additives.

Hyundai Xteer ATF

There are three different product groups in XTeer ATF product family. XTeer ATF SP4 and XTeer ATF3 are advanced synthetic automatic transmission fluids designed for premium cars with the latest technology.

Hyundai Xteer 4T

XTeer 4T is the most advanced four-stroke motorcycle engine oil with the latest technology. XTeer 4T will help maintain 4-stroke engines running clean protecting even in extreme operating conditions.

Hyundai Xteer Other Products

There are three different product types in this product family. PSF is an advanced hydraulic steering fluid. Brake Fluid DOT is a premium hydraulic brake oil. The last product group in this family is Hyundai Oilbank Antifreeze.

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