Corporate Finance

Kapra Investment provides consulting services at international standards for merger and acquisition transactions of its customers. We support our customers in determining the right strategy and in making a detailed financial analysis of the company. We put a great emphasis in protecting all the rights of our customers and at the same time we make a detailed valuation work in order to establish a fair price for both sides. We provide financial consulting services to corporate and private equity investors for the opportunities in the market and we support them at all stages of merger and acquisition process.

Debt Capital and Debt Restructuring

Establishing a sound capital structure is a very important priority for long-term sustainable growth of firms. Kapra Investment provides financial consulting services in terms of meeting long-term debt capital needs of firms. We present a very comprehensive work on debt capital financing and debt restructuring through project finance and various debt instruments including bonds, bills, and sukuk.


Kapra Investment prepares regular research papers for the macroeconomic and sectoral developments in Turkey. Our research papers provide an objective evaluation for foreign investors that have an interest for Turkish markets and companies.

Investment Consulting for Turkish Markets

Kapra Investment provides investment consulting to corporate and individual foreign investors that have an interest in Turkish markets for a very wide range of products. Depending on the risk and return profile of our customers we develop different alternatives by using different financial markets including but not limited to stock markets, futures markets, bond markets, and deposit intermediation.

Real Estate Market

The economic performance that Turkey has achieved since 2002 increased investor interest in real estate market. The high rates of return that have emerged in the market attracted foreign investors. Kapra Investment provides consulting services to corporate and individual investors for their investments in Turkish real estate market. We support our customers both for the development of new projects and for purchases in existing projects.

Contact Info

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